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A Slurpee
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alza vs Myvi

Wassup people?

One day, my dad starting talking about buying a new car. We were pretty excited cause both the cars we have now are really old. I'm talking about 9 to 13 years old. Then my dear father said he might get an Alza. There was a stunned silence. Jaws were dropped. People fainted. Ok, so maybe no one fainted but we were shocked. The first person to speak was my mother who asked him "Why do we even need an Alza? It's a 7 seater. We only have 4 in the family, dear." I was totally agreeing with her. I suggested getting a Myvi since it's smaller and much cheaper. My dad wanted the Alza for 2 main resons: Reliable engine and a lot of boot space. And all that was for about 60k. (Another moment of stunned silence and jaw dropping) Last night we went to a Perodua showroom. We saw the Alza and a Myvi. There was some discussion between the salesman and my parents. I was too busy checking out the Alza and my sister found a chair and started reading. I think the Alza is a nice car and everything but it's a bit pricey. We then left after about spending 30 minutes there. On the way back my parents continued discussing about the Alza. It seems like my dad had made up his decision so I won't be surprised if he comes home announcing he has booked an Alza. More to come on the Alza... Logging out!!!

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  1. Yo dude! Yowza yowza yowza!
    Cool, your dad's choice of an Alza.
    So long as you get from A to B.
    Doesnt matter if it's in a lorry or Myvi!